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Sustainable Businesses for Sustainable Land

Siksika Group of Companies are proud partners with the Siksika Nation in developing sustainable business opportunities that give room for people and their passions to grow. Our commitment to long-term prosperity, environmental resource protection, and fiscal independence guide every decision that points the people of this land towards a brighter future.

What We Do

A Proud & Independent Nation

Siksika Group of Companies | A Proud and Independent Nation

Siksika Group of Companies and our partners operate in five core business areas across Alberta and Western Canada. Each consists of sustainable developments that bring long-term prosperity to the Siksika Nation and its membership.

By working with SGC, you are joining experienced leaders who are committed to building successful businesses and communities in equal measure.


Our Group of Companies

Our experience across Agri-Business, Commercial Real Estate, Construction & Energy, Hospitality & Tourism, and Retail have driven successful partnerships with the following businesses.


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